Session 7

The criteria for I-Search Paper was very helpful.  I can use this critieria to help me set up various rubrics for my students while they are researching.  I particular thought the section, “What This Means to Me” with certainly get the students to think more critically.  Although they pick topics that are interesting to them, this focus brings them to another level and opens up the opportunity for more questions.

Using the audio equipment for editing and revising as I stated in the discussion forum, definitely helps students to hear their own mistakes and enables them to self-correct.  In the past I have used a tape recorder and found that to be very useful.

I did have a few problems using the new technology.  Trouble getting my IPod to record and play and then my computer blocked Audacity.  Since I have used the tape recorder in my classroom, in theory I can see how this technology will assist the students in preparing their reports.

Each year I work with students who are auditory learners.  When I have them record their essays and listen to themselves they require little self editing as they are use to verbalizing their information as writing is so difficult for them.

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